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Non-destructive testing methods

NDT (non-destructive testing) is a group of testing methods which are used for example in quality control of gears, castings and weld inspection of final products without compromising its final use.

Barkhausen noise measuring device Rollscan 300

Barkhausen noise measuring device Rollscan 300 can be used for non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic components. The measurement is based on the magnetic properties of the ferromagnetic materials. The method is suitable for characterization of surface properties. The device can be used for evaluation of surface residual stresses and changes in the surface hardness/microstructure. The Barkhausen noise method can be used i.e. in final inspection of ground gears for detecting grinding burns and to inspect surface changes due to heat treatments.

Suvi Santa-aho: Barkhausen Noise Method for Hardened Steel Surface Characterization- the Effect of Heat Treatments, Thermal Damages and Stresses, Doctoral Thesis, TUT, 2012

Ultrasound/ phased array ultrasound device Phasor XS

Ultrasound device Phasor XS for non-destructive testing. Along with normal ultrasound measurement this device can be used in phased array mode with the phased array probe. Phased array probe consists of 16 crystals (16 channels) that enables larger inspection volume compared to the normal ultrasound probe.

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