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Ceramic processing

For the research and processing of functional ceramics, the laboratories of DMS have, for example, sol-gel synthesis facilities, supercritical carbon dioxide (ScCO2) processing capabilities, and spray pyrolysis equipment for nanopowder production. In addition to the basic characterization devices, the precursor chemistry and powder synthesis is supported by special characterization equipment such as a gas adsorption/chemisorption device and a particle size analyzer. The heat treatment cycle is studied with dilatometry and several furnaces including a possibility for different atmospheres.  

The laser technology at Laser Application Laboratory (LAL) offers a concentrated and clean heat source for advanced processing of ceramics and modification of surfaces. The final properties of functional surfaces are evaluated, e.g., with streaming potential and surface energy measurements. For processing of plastics and composites, DMS has several injection moulding machines, extruders (single and twin screw), a filament winder, etc. 

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