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Metals Technology

The research work of Metals Technology concentrates on new metallic materials, fabrication methods for metal products and on joining methods for metals. Metal foams, adhesive joining of metals and the production of metal matrix composites and hybrid materials via combined reactive synthesis and casting technology are examples of the current research fields. The long-term durability of adhesive joints has been one of the central research areas for several years. In more conventional areas expertise has been developed, e.g., in metal alloy development and in welding and foundry technologies.

Metals Technology utilizes in its research work all research facilities of the department. In its own research areas Metals Technology has in use different kinds of ball mills and an inert gas glove-box. For long-term durability studies of adhesive joints a programmable weather cabinet with a volume of 900 liters is in use. It enables the aging of adhesive joints either under constant conditions or under varying temperature and humidity conditions with or without static load. Metals Technology works in close collaboration with the Tampere- based Foundry Institute and has access to its research facilities and resources.

Metals Technology has produced almost one quarter of all the M.Sc, Lic.Tech and Dr.Tech theses of the Department of Materials Science during the existence of the department.  

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Professors Pasi Peura and Veli-Tapani Kuokkala


Research Equipment


The image shows the microscopic structure of a cast steel ingot, which has undergone a single pass through a rolling mill.

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