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Materials Science

Internationally high-level know-how on all materials based on strong interdisciplinary basic research

The only higher education unit in Finland covering all material groups

  • Over 1000 M.Sc. (Eng.), 80 Lic.Tech., and 70 Ph.D. thesis and more than 6000 publications since 1969

High-level basic research of the structure, properties, processing, and use of materials

  • Researcher with knowledge of and expertise in all groups of materials
  • Versatile and up-to-date research and testing equipment

Strong collaboration with industry and academic units

  • Research funding comes mainly from industry, SHOKs, Tekes, Academy of Finland, and the EU

Networks internationally and participates in international research projects

  • Scientific collaboration and research exchange

Head of the laboratory is Prof. Erkki Levänen.

Laboratory of Materials Science is divided into eight operational groups:

  • Materials Science
  • Materials Characterization
  • Plastics and Elastomer Technology
  • Metals Technology
  • Surface Engineering
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Paper Converting and Packaging
  • Tribology and Machine Elements

Materials Science is responsible for the infrastructure, administration, and teaching, while the other units concentrate mainly on scientific and applied research in their own areas of expertise. Moreover, three special research units have been formed, i.e., Tampere Wear Center, Thermal Spray Center Finland, and Laser Application Laboratory.

Strategic focus areas:

  • High strain rate behavior of materials
  • Advanced engineering coatings
  • Functional ceramic surfaces
  • Hybrid materials and polymeric nanocomposites
  • High strength steels
  • Materials characterization
  • Wear of materials
  • Tribology in machine elements
  • Advanced fibre materials
  • Sustainable packaging materials



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