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FutIS – SBC: Future Industrial Services - Service Business Capabilities in Technology-based Firms


SBC project (Service Business Capabilities in Technology-based Firms) investigates the capabilities required in industrial service business particularly in the early phases of a technology-firm’s servitization. New kinds of models and practices for different capability areas are experimented in some industrial firms and studied in their real-life context, to enhance and expand service business. The research is part of FIMECC’s FutIS (Future Industrial Services) research program, with 20 company partners and 10 research teams. Duration 2010-2015. Responsible leader: prof. Miia Martinsuo, Department of Industrial Management, Center for Research on Operations, Projects and Services (CROPS).


StraSus – Strategic business models and governance for sustainable solutions

StraSus project increases knowledge about supply chain decisions and investigates particularly how sustainability value is taken into account during product and service development decision making and supply chains. The research will help in developing sustainability oriented innovations and operations and their business models in cross-company cooperation. The research involves five company partners (Ekokem, Fortum, Vapo, Solita, Nokia), and it is conducted in collaboration by four research institutes. The main financier is Tekes, and the project is part of the Green Growth research program. Duration 2014-2015. Responsible leader: prof. Miia Martinsuo, Department of Industrial Management, Center for Research on Operations, Projects and Services (CROPS).


The objective of the ARVI (Material Value Chains)

The objective of the ARVI (Material Value Chains) research program is to build a solid and broad competence background, i.e., an innovation platform, based on which the Finnish material recovery industry may extend their businesses and improve competitive positioning in the global markets. The program consortium consists of 30 organizations out of which 19 are companies and 11 research and public organizations. The companies represent 5 different industrial sectors and the research partners’ work 13 different scientific disciplines. The main research focus in industrial management department is on systemic evolution of business and its local environment (Brazil, China, Philippines, Germany). The leader of the program is prof. Saku Mäkinen. The program is partly funded by TEKES.


Managing service impact – engaging facts and feelings (MASI):
“We want to do the same for accounting, as Fiskars did to gardening tools.” 

The main objective of the project is to answer the following question: What does the interaction between facts and feelings mean for managing customer value and profitability, and how such interaction can be established? The project seeks to create a blueprint of new management accounting: widely and emotionally desirable, ergonomic and effective, durable and repairable. Cost Management Center (CMC) provides multi-disciplinary competences for the project, ranging from accounting and profitability management to addressing customer values, valuations, networks and reflective methods in management. The project cooperates with leading scholars in the field: Prof. Norreklit (actor-reality construction, Aarhus-team), Prof. Holmström (logistics and digitally-enabled operations, Aalto) and Prof. Schiuma (art-based methods in leadership and management, University of the Arts, London, UK). Finally, the project takes advantage of the interventionist work in five innovative networks. Read more here.

Director: Petri Suomala, project manager: Teemu Laine Department of Industrial Management / CMC Finnish Funding Body for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), 5 companies, TUT, 1.1.2015-30.6.2017


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