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Cost Management Center (CMC)

Cost Management Center (CMC) is a research group whose aim is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of organizations using the means and tools of accounting. Our core competence is in the field of management accounting, especially in analyzing costs and profits. CMC is part of the Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management in Tampere University of Technology.

Our work is based on long-term cooperation with our industrial partners. Through intensive cooperation, companies gain access to new and innovative tools and can learn more regarding the costs and profitability of their own operations. High-quality research also results in scientific publications in international journals and forms a solid foundation for up-to-date training.

The TUTCRIS research portal shows our most recent publications.

How we work:

We examine - through a management accounting lens - diverse topics relevant and current for our business partners. Cost and profitability management in one form or another is a common factor in every research project conducted by CMC. Close cooperation with real-life companies guarantees the practical relevancy of research findings and at the same time helps identify new and interesting research questions. Practical research work based on industrial needs provides new and interesting information for the scientific community as well.

CMC's aim is to support Finnish and international organizations in their business renewal in B2B and B2C markets as well as to acquire high-quality academic results through the development projects in collaboration with industrial firms, public sector organizations and other research institutions.

Current research topics at CMC are for example:

  • Cost management in network relationships
  • Digitalization and artificial intelligence in accounting and marketing
  • Accounting information in supporting managerial work
  • The ecological, social and economic sustainability of business models
  • Facts and feelings in decision making
  • Supporting product development with cost and profitability information
  • Life-cycle costs and profitability in public and private sectors
  • Machinery fleet service development
  • The role of management control in organizational learning
  • Changes in earnings logics of companies
  • Accounting in healthcare
  • Profitability in services
  • Marketing and business in energy-efficient construction business
  • Profitability in product-service-systems
  • Guided buying and selling
  • Managing business relationships
  • Integrated solutions in business
  • Marketing communications
  • Innovation management in networks

In addition to the above-mentioned development research, interviews, surveys, and literature research methods belong to our toolbox as well. Furthermore, in order to improve our research work, we are constantly developing our methodological knowledge and tools related to research work itself.

Additional information on CMC's projects can be inquired from Teemu Laine and other CMC members.

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