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Industrial and Information Management

Researchers of the Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management at TUT work in an innovative environment. The laboratory has a diversity of research groups with ca. 100 people working in research:

CITER - Center for Innovation and Technology Research

Center for Innovation and Technology Research (CITER) is a research group which studies interactions and dynamics between technology, innovations, and societal structures. The research focus concerns technology strategy and innovation management, foresight of technological development, and co-evolution of technology, enterprises and industry structures.

CMC - Cost Management Center

Cost Management Center (CMC) is a research group whose aim is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of organizations using the means and tools of accounting. Our core competence is in the field of management accounting, especially in analyzing costs and profits.

CROPS - Center for Research on Operations, Projects and Services

The group studies industrial operations management in projects, services and manufacturing particularly at tactical and strategic levels. We support  organizations as they renew and rationalize their operations to succeed in the international competitive landscape, and generate new knowledge in the international research field.

DARE - Business Data Research Group

We investigate the quality of data in information systems and in financial engineering.

CSME - Safety Management and Engineering

Safety and productivity are basic requirements for every successful work place. In order to promote human well-being it is essential to improve the safety of production and products by eliminating the causes of accidents, environmental emissions and health hazards. Center for Safety Management and Engineering develops methods used to improve the reliability of a system in such a way that fewer injuries and less damage occur.

NOVI - Information and knowledge management

Novi aims to understand phenomena that relate to knowledge economy and knowledge-based value creation. Together with our partner organizations we develop methods and tools to better manage knowledge resources.

BENI - Business Ecosystems, Networks, and Innovations

The BENI group (Business Ecosystems, Networks, and Innovations) conducts research, teaches and is involved in various collaborations to develop Finnish industrial businesses. Our focal areas are 1) Creation and control of business ecosystems, 2) Development of business networks and supply chains, and 3) Innovations and management by information. In addition, the BENI group is responsible for industrial-management-related teaching in the master program in Management and Information Technology at TUT Pori unit.

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