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CITER researches technologies and innovations

The research activities at CITER (Center for Innovation and Technology Research) concentrate on developing competitiveness in three focus areas

Our research covers the interrelationships, dynamics and evolutionary trends among technology, innovations and different societal actors and structures. We thrive to accumulate scientific information to support the decision-making of individuals as well as public and private organisations. Our objective is to increase the understanding of how companies can benefit from technological development in their businesses.

Our research activities cover basic as well as applied research. Basic research focuses on generating scientific information on technological development and innovations. Applied research aims at pragmatic problem-solving, for example, by developing new business models. In addition, we are responsible for the graduate and post-graduate studies of Technology Management at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT).

1. Business and Innovation Ecosystems

This focus area is the basis for our technology research activities currently. The co-evolution of technology, companies and industrial sectors connects the analysis of the operational environment with actor analysis and industry-specific research of societal structures. Technology evolution, different actors' operations and structural changes are mutually intertwined, and alterations influence all actors (e.g. enterprise activities and sources of competitive advantage) as well as the evolution of the institutional environment (e.g. national finance mechanisms and organizations).

2. Modelling and Foresight of Technological Evolution

Modelling and foresight of technological evolution forms another important basis for our research. It involves the research of the effects of social and cultural factors, performance parameters and user quantity transitions and evolutionary processes as well as mathematical modelling of technology evolution. At the same time it enables forecasting of future trends, for example, as a basis for the strategic choices of enterprises.

3. Technology Strategy and Innovation Management

In addition, CITER studies the transitions in the processes, mechanisms and strategies of organizational actors - enterprises, public organizations or support organizations. The research aim is to improve the functioning of organizations and to generate alternative patterns of action as well as support organisational decision-making to create competitive advantage where technological capabilities are just one possible resource.

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