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Berger, Paul Berger, Paul
FiDiPro Professor
Phone: 358503006064
Room SM402 /
Lohan, Elena-Simona Lohan, Elena-Simona
Associate Professor (tenure track)
Phone: 358408490669
Room TD411 /
Mäntysalo, Matti Mäntysalo, Matti
Professor, Academy Research Fellow
Phone: 358407576800
Riihonen, Taneli Riihonen, Taneli
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Academy Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 358504478349
Valkama, Mikko Valkama, Mikko
Professor, Head of Laboratory
Phone: 358408490756
Room TD428 /


Grek, Tuija Grek, Tuija
Financial Administrative Assistant
Phone: 358408490013
Lehtola, Minna Lehtola, Minna
Financial Administrative Assistant
Phone: 358504478366
Room TD430 /

Other staff

Andreev, Sergey Andreev, Sergey
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 358443294200
Room TD309 /
Arvani, Maedeh Arvani, Maedeh
Doctoral Student
Phone: 358503010285
Room SM307 /
Asp, Ari Asp, Ari
Doctoral Student
Phone: 358408490791
Room TD410 /
Bhalerao, Sagar Bhalerao, Sagar
Doctoral Student
Phone: 358503016547
Room SM222 /
Halme, Aki Halme, Aki
Doctoral Student
Phone: 040 849 0100
Room Kankaanpää /
Heikkinen, Jouko Heikkinen, Jouko
University Teacher
Phone: 358408490606
Room SM226 /
Iso-Ketola, Pekka Iso-Ketola, Pekka
Doctoral Student
Phone: 040 849 0100
Keskinen, Jari Keskinen, Jari
Project Manager
Phone: 358503567543
Room SM218 /
Khorramdel Vahed, Behnam Khorramdel Vahed, Behnam
Postdoctoral Researcher, Project Manager
Phone: 358503013907
Room SM222 /
Railanmaa, Anna Railanmaa, Anna
Doctoral Student
Phone: 358503016078
Room SM307 /
Rinne, Jukka Rinne, Jukka
Doctoral Student
Phone: 358408490769
Room TD410 /
Sipilä, Erja Sipilä, Erja
University Lecturer
Phone: 358408490103
Room SM226 /
Säe, Joonas Säe, Joonas
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 040 844 7907
Room TD405 /
Vuorinen, Tiina Vuorinen, Tiina
Doctoral Student
Phone: 358503011564
Room SM301 /

Laboratory of Electronics and Communications Engineering

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P.O.Box 692, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland

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Korkeakoulunkatu 3, 33720 Tampere

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Tel. +358 40 533 1246

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