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Laboratory for Future Electronics

Our vision is to improve people’s life quality by developing the novel materials, architectures, and processes that will enable the electronics of the future.

LFE contributes to TUT’s strategic themes of digital operating environment and health technology. Our focus is on the hardware of Internet-of-Everything (IoE) for ambient intelligence and healthcare (body-monitoring) applications.

With regard to ambient intelligence, a medium-term goal is the enabling of environmentally friendly and economically feasible energy autonomy through energy harvesting and storage, while a long-term goal is the development of high-performance, low-energy circuitry for computation and wireless communication. With regard to healthcare, a medium-term goal is enabling remote hospital level monitoring systems while long-term goal is to development of epidermal temporary tattoo-like monitoring devices.

LFE investigates technologies and solutions related to energy-autonomy (storage and harvesting), sensors, conformably wearable electronics (soft/stretchable, on-skin, textile), and hybrid system integration. Strong emphasis is placed on scalable, low-cost manufacturing methods such as printing as well as their integration with more conventional component assembly methods. In addition to printable conductive materials, LFE also explores new device and circuit approaches based on printable organic and metal oxide semiconductors.

The LFE is comprised of two research groups:

- Organic and Nanoelectronics Group (Prof. Donald Lupo)

- Printable Electronics Group (Prof. Matti Mäntysalo)



Open position(s):



*Please see the TUT open position page for available job openings


Some Activities:

Our Smart Chocolate Box was highlighted at InterPack 2017 in Dusseldorf (May 2017). Check out the video! (0.25 seconds in)


Dr. Kate Stone visited TUT on November 30, 2016. Check out her talk!


An energy autonomous hybrid system exhibited at LOPEC 2016 in Munich:

Demonstration VIDEO of our Smart Chocolate Box (LOPEC 2016 ( demo competition submission)

*along with all our external collaborators from Aalto University, Stora Enso, and Walki Oy; we thank the members of TUT who contributed. Specifically, members from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Optoelectronics Research Center.

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