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High Voltage Engineering

The research work of High Voltage Engineering research group is currently focused on the development and electrotechnical performance analysis of high voltage electrical insulation materials and insulation systems and on the development of electrical characterization methods utilized therein.  In addition, the research group is active in the areas of diagnostics of high voltage devices, over voltage protection and accelerated ageing and life testing of HV insulation materials, components and systems utilizing various electrical and environmental stresses. The research work is carried out in close cooperation with the relevant industry, universities and other research organizations. In addition to scientific research projects, the group is also carrying out a considerable amount of studies, customized tests etc. in the areas of HV engineering by direct contracts from the industry.

Development of polypropylene (PP) based nanocomposite materials for capacitor applications is currently one of the main research themes of the group. The work in this area is based on extensive and long-term cooperation with polymer scientists at Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and many domestic and international companies in the field. The research questions are, for example, the effects of nanoparticle functionalization, material compounding and thin film processing on the structural and dielectric properties of PP-nanocomposites. Within this research area a ~8M€ EU Horizon 2020 project, “GRIDABLE”, is currently undergoing together with eight other research organizations or industry partners. In GRIDABLE, the aim is to develop PP-nanocomposite based insulation solutions for DC cables and capacitors in order to produce improved insulation systems for HVDC applications like DC transmission (MVDC/HVDC) and power electronics converters (VSC). During the projects carried out in this field, a comprehensive range of dielectric characterization equipment and methods has been developed and realized, which together with traditional high voltage testing, measurement and diagnosis systems are available at the TUT High Voltage laboratory.

Contact: Research Manager Kari Lahti, kari.lahti@tut.fi


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