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The service life engineering of structures

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Uusi väitöskirja: Hilliaho, K. 2017. Energy Saving Potential and Interior Temperatures of Glazed Spaces: Evaluation through Measurements and Simulations - 18.8.2017

New publication: Annila, P.J., Hellemaa, M., Pakkala, T. A., Lahdensivu, J., Suonketo, J., Pentti, M. 2016. Extent of moisture and mould damage in structures of public buildings. Case Studies in Construction Materials, Volume 6, June 2017, Pp. 103–108. - 27.2.2017

Uusi väitöskirja: Huuhka, S. 2016. Building 'Post-Growth': Quantifying and Characterizing Resources in the Building Stock - 7.10.2016

New doctoral thesis: Köliö, A. 2016. Propagation of Carbonation Induced Reinforcement Corrosion in Existing Concrete Facades Exposed to the Finnish Climate - 26.9.2016

New publication: Köliö, A., Pakkala, T. A., Hohti, H., Laukkarinen, A., Lahdensivu, J., Mattila, J., Pentti, M. 2016. The corrosion rate in reinforced concrete facades exposed to outdoor environment. Materials and Structures 50(1). Pp. 1–16. - 18.8.2016

The Research Team of Service Life Engineering of Structures

Actively working research team the Service life engineering of structures in the Department of Civil Engineering has in recent decades expanded from renovation to research of the entire life-cycle of structures.

The team studies the performance of old structures as well as the maintenance of existing structures during the building’s life cycle. The key themes are methods of construction and renovation and related selection criteria that produce a functioning and long-lasting end result. The team also conducts condition assessments aimed at selection of the proper repair method.

The team is increasingly focusing on life-cycle analyses of structures. The Department also has a long tradition of studying the long-term durability of structures and materials, but it also actively develops new products for both new construction and renovation together with construction sector actors. The Department is also involved in active testing and quality assurance of construction products and development and publishing of new design guidelines for builders and designers.

Vision 2016

Service life engineering of structures is one of the five internationally recognised spearhead areas of the Department of Civil Engineering.

A scientific assesment of TUT departments conducted in 2011 found renovation research to be of Very Good International Level (second highest level) which makes the highest level the natural next goal.

The aim of the service life engineering of structures research team is to serve the domestic construction industry so that it feels that the team and the entire Civil Engineering Department are its key research partner.

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