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Symposium: The second symposium of COMBI-project is held on January 24th 2019 in TTY. The last results of the project are presented in symposium. The symposium is held in finnish and more information can be found from COMBI-project’s website. (Novempber 14th 2018)

Research project: Building of new test buildings has begun in TUT The buildings are placed to parking area behind TUT. The building physical properties are measured from the building. There is a possibility to research eight different wall structures at the same time. Also different types of roofs can be tested at the same time. More information is found in Finnish. (september 17th 2018)

Research project: The project proposal RAPID U has been granted significant funding both by Business Finland (former Tekes) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). There is also other funding coming to the project. RAPID U is dedicated to both on-site measurements of building constructions’ U-values, using a novel measurement principle, and to the market deployment of U-value meters. RAPID U is co-ordinated by the inventor of the instruments, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland. Other consortium partners are Tampere University of Technology/Building Physics (TUT), Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy and FIW München. The research and dissemination partner is Deutsches Energieberater-Netzwerk DEN e.V., the German association of certified energy consultants. You can read more details about the project here. (August 17th 2018)

Research project: Building physics research group from TUT has got a funding to the SAFEHEAT-project. In the project intelligent heating to keep empty buildings and vehicles (camper vans and boats) dry is studied. The purpose of the study is to develop service consept and control equipment. With these product’s empty spaces can be heated in the way that mould growth and significant water condensation is not possible in the examined spaces or the structures surrounding them. However, heating is optimised to save energy. Click here to read more about the project (June 8th 2018)

Symposium: Third open symposium of COMBI-project is held 25th of January 2018 in 'Festian iso sali' in Tampere university of technology. There will be many interesting presentations about energy efficiency of piblic buildings. Seminar is open for everybody. More information can be found here. (January 17th 2018)

Symposium: Finnish Building Physics Symposium 2017 gathered record-breaking amount of visitors and partners in cooperation. The news of the symposium can be found here (in Finnish). (November 11th 2017)

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Building physics

A scientific assessment of TUT departments conducted in 2011 found Scientific Quality and Scientific Impact of the Building Physics Research to be of Outstanding International Level (the highest level).

TUT's Building physics research group was established in the year 1994. Building physics in general studies different physical phenomena that affect the thermal and moisture behaviour of different structures and materials. It also studies energy efficiency of buildings and physical phenomena that affect indoor air quality.

Research areas in building physics are:

  • defining indoor and outdoor design conditions,
  • heat and moisture behaviour of envelope structures,
  • how envelope structures affect the conditions and quality of indoor air,
  • energy consumption of buildings and its influencing effects,
  • air tightness of envelope structures and influence of air infiltration,
  • the influence of climate change on structures,
  • building physical properties of building materials,
  • development of design and testing guides, and
  • development of computational modelling and analysing methods.

The aim of building physics is to examine and improve the behaviour of structures and buildings and to guide their design and renovation so that the thermal and moisture behaviour of structures is reliable and safe. The aspiration is also to ensure that the indoor air quality fulfils the expectations as well as the requirements of the occupants and the energy efficiency of buildings.

Research group co-operates widely with Finnish and international construction companies and research institutes by offering different research services. The group has also participated in many public research projects. Over the years, numerous publications on studies related to building physics have been made. The research engineers also participate in international building physics research programmes and co-operation bodies.

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