Earth and Foundation Structures - Tampere University of Technology

Research, education and know-how based on geotechnical engineering and engineering geology

The research on earth and foundation structures serves infrastructure construction in particular, but also the development of the foundation structures of buildings.

We study and model the performance of earth structures and the behaviour of materials in traditional road and street structures as well as track and landfill structures. We take part in the development of dimensioning programmes and methods and preparation of guidelines, also internationally.

Research projects often examine new alternative solutions, such as the possibilities of exploiting waste materials or geosynthetic products and their dimensioning principles, or seek to find new more energy efficient and economical ways of utilising of existing solutions. We partake in sector actors product development projects by offering measuring services or expert assistance.

In our research projects we make use of our first rate laboratory equipment and instrumentations developed for monitoring the performance of structures as well as develop new research apparatus, if necessary. We have at our disposal e.g. a bridge simulator and a test pit that allows full scale loading of structures. Both in terms of personnel and equipment resources, TUT Earth and Foundation Structures is clearly the leading research unit of its field in Finland.

The earth and foundation structures research teams focal areas are:

The Finnish Transport Agency, the Ministry of Education, the National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES), materials manufacturers, sector consulting firms and contractors, as well as other sector research units and actors, are collaboration partners and financiers of research projects.

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