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Chemistry and Bioengineering

The research groups of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Bioengineering share the common long-term focus of developing new and sustainable concepts and processes for resource recovery and for the development of renewable energy harvesting technologies. This research is driven by the global scarcity of critical natural resources including energy, water and minerals, also reflecting the University research priority areas. The Laboratory has a joint research strategy that follows principles:

  1. Research projects are directed to key national and international challenges
  2. New innovations are based on a combination of fundamental and applied research
  3. Technical innovations are based on in-depth knowledge of natural sciences
  4. Research has an intimate connection to pre- and post-doctoral education
  5. Adjunct faculty posts are specified to complement the departments expertise
  6. The level of research is confirmed by continuous external evaluation via publishing the results in peer-review international journals
  7. Applied research innovations are based on close collaboration with industry and the public sector
  8. International co-operation with peers in the field is part of successful research.

The research groups are:

  1. Bio and circular economy
  2. Chemistry and Advanced Materials


The Laboratory produces yearly about 50 publications. Please, take a look to our publications.


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