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Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) belongs to BioMediTech which is a multidisciplinary institute for life sciences and medical technology bringing together research groups from TUT and the University of Tampere. In addition to research, BioMediTech provides education on cell and molecular biology, genetics, biosensors, computational systems and regenerative medicine. BioMediTech offers a world-class research environment and support for innovation and the commercialization of research results. Professor Minna Kellomäki is heading the Faculty of Biomedical Science and Engineering at TUT.

TUT’s groups at BioMediTech have strong expertise in the areas of biophysics, signal processing and imaging, biomaterials and tissue engineering, sensor technology and biomeasurements, single cell biology, computational and systems biology, and computational neuroscience. BioMediTech allows them to join forces with researchers whose interests lie in medical sciences, biology and behavioural sciences. This multidisciplinary environment provides a solid foundation for pursuing new discoveries and solutions that promote health and well-being.

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