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The three main goals of the project are to prepare and create needed solutions and documentations for upcoming pilot(s) of remote controlled and autonomous vessel in commercial use, to develop commercially viable short to medium term products in the domain of remote control, autonomy and situational awareness and branding Finland as the hot-spot of waterborne remote control technology.

Funding: TEKES

Contact person: Dr. Mika Hyvönen


Arrowhead is Europe’s largest automation development research project and part of ARTEMIS JU and ARTEMIS12. The grand challenges in collaborative automation of networked systems and devices are interoperability and integration of services. The project focuses on dynamic interactions between energy producers and energy consumers, between machines, between systems, between people and systems, etc.

Cooperative automation is enabled by development of advanced technologies around the Internet of Things and Service Oriented Architectures. The Department of Automation Science and Engineering concentrates on development of technologies and information systems in mining application pilots in collaboration with the Finnish research partners and the industry.

Funding: EU and Tekes

Contact person: D.Sc.(Tech) David Hästbacka


Coordinating Optimisation of Complex Industrial Processes (COCOP)

The project’s objective is to enable plant-wide monitoring and control by using the model-based, predictive, coordinating optimisation concept in integration with plant’s automation systems. This ambitious approach will be developed and verified in co-operation of European universities, research institutes and industry. The Consortium comprises two universities, three research organisations, the leading copper-plant technology provider, two large companies from the process industry (steel and special chemicals) and four SMEs providing automation solutions.

Project Call: SPIRE-02-2016, RIA, H2020-IND-CE-2016-17

Funding: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723661

Contact person: Professor Matti Vilkko


The program approach is based on business ecosystems and customer value as these enable effective way to challenge the existing business models and roles of the actors in the current value chain. The consortium is carefully selected to cover the key supply chain part and related solution providers. Especially in the autonomous shipping, D4Value program has a critical role as it is the first ecosystem level approach in the area. Although the autonomous shipping has been raised into the focus, D4Value focuses intensively also other critical supply chain parts and their digital value creation questions.

Funding: TEKES

Contact person: Professor Kalevi Huhtala


Impedance measurement and analysis of grid-connected power electronic systems

Funding: Academy of Finland

Contact person: PhD Tomi Roinila

N4S - Need for Speed

To create the foundation for the success of the Finnish software intensive businesses in the new digital economy. During the program we will see the global digital services business growing in Finland and totally new Finnish brands in digital business introduced.

Funding: Tekes and Digile SHOK

Contact person: Professor Matti Vilkko


Algorithms and systems for co-operative sensing; applications in mobile machines.

Funding: Academy of Finland

Contact person: Professor Risto Ritala


The main objective of this research is to study and develop methods for predictive analytics using massive data stores (Big Data) of sensor, usage and also maintenance data of machine systems. Our aim is to integrate, analyse and enrich this data to get access to information which can be utilised in predictive decision making. Doing this way, we can access to the future health status of the analysed equipment and we can move from the health estimation to the predictive health estimation. The developed methods will then provide information and input for the processes of the organizations.

Funding: TEKES

Contact person: Dr. Tomi Krogerus


Investigation of material structure by image based measurements

Funding: Academy of Finland

Contact person: PhD Marja Mettänen


To make the sustainable systems work in an industrial setting of world class production facilities in a system integrated and in real-time manner to predict a time-step ahead.

The focus of the project will be to make the sustainable systems work in an industrial setting of world class production facilities in a system integrated and in real-time manner to predict a time-step ahead. This is an enormously challenging task to take (some still academic) models and transform them to work as robust control models in larger resource-to-metal-product process control systems. TTY/ASE participate in a subproject where the target is flexible copper plant operation with wide range of raw material quality. The challenge in the project  is to link mineral information (poorly measurable) via high temperature and aqueous solutions to final refined copper while capturing the depth of hydro- and pyrometallurgical reactors with a mix of easy and poorly measurable data.

Funding: Tekes

Contact person: Professor Matti Vilkko

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