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Robotics and Water Hydraulics at Use in Remote Handling

IHA and VTT are working with future nuclear power plant researsh in the ROViR centre. The purpose of the Divertor Test Platform (DTP2) is to demonstrate proof-of-concept level operations with remote handling of ITER maintenance robotic devices, from a dedicated control room.

In order to remotely operate these devices safely, a supervisory system composed of several sub-systems has been developed by IHA. For each of the RH devices, a control system is embodied. The platform has equipped with a remote viewing system having radiation tolerant cameras. Remote handling from the control room without direct visual contact to the operation area puts to use these cameras. If the camera feeds will be unavailable or with limited visibility, a 3D visualization system is utilized to show a virtual model of the scene. As the maintenance sequences are often complicated with many stages, having them well designed beforehand in a separate task planning software system is essential. IHA has designed and implemented a complete software and hardware solution for DTP2 remote handling operations, already used with the Water Hydraulic Manipulator and Cassette Multifunctional Mover robots.


Professor Jouni Mattila

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