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Dynamic Systems (DYN)

This research area focuses on the development of mathematical and computational methods for optimization, design, and operation of stochastic dynamic systems. Applications include autonomous mobile machines, indoor navigation, and manufacturing processes.


The expertise in this research area is used to find the relevant information from uncertain and noisy measurements by using, i.e. the Bayesian data and signal processing, neuro-fuzzy computing, and statistics. Furthermore, the expertise enables the solving of control, optimization, decision making, and modelling problems in dynamic environments.

Autonomous mobile machines

This application area studies decision making in autonomous machine environment and its relationship to measurements. The key research topic is the optimal cooperation of autonomous machines. The methodological components studied are data preprocessing and analysis, and decision optimization under dynamics and uncertainty.

Indoor navigation

This application area develops algorithms for positioning and navigation indoors. Advanced statistical and mathematical methods are applied to combine information from satellites, terrestrial radio systems, and on-board sensors.

Manufacturing processes

This application area studies the condition of the production devices in the manufacturing processes, and optimizes the production economy.

Industrial partners

The industrial partners of Dynamic Systems research area are from the fields of autonomous mobile machines, energy industry, forest harvesting, mining and mineral industry, mobile application developers, and paper industry. 

Contact Us

Jukka-Pekka Raunio
Research Area Coordinator, Dynamic Systems

Hannu Koivisto
Professor, Automation and Information Networks

Matti Vilkko
Professor, Process Automation 

Risto Ritala
Professor, Measurement Information

Robert Piche
Professor, Personal Positioning Algorithms

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