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Information Systems in Automation (INF)

The research area focuses on model-based software development, cyber security and service-based integration solutions in automation and production environments. Application areas include industrial processes, autonomous mobile machines as well as critical infrastructure and services.


The expertise is based on understanding domain characteristics and know-how of applying information technology. The research targets automation system level design patterns, processes and their supporting services based on domain specific model driven technologies. Model in the loop simulations, semantic ontologies and rule-based inference on cloud platforms are important in implementing solutions. The research also targets functional safety of automation systems as well as information security and processes within Industrial Internet applications.

Model-based Software Development and Functional Safety in Automation

Research in this area focuses on domain-specific modelling and model-driven development of control software. In addition, research on design patterns, functional safety and simulation of control systems cater for the needs of modern, reliable and safe production.

Cyber-security in Industrial Automation and Critical Infrastructure

Cyber-security research concentrates on using information security to build more dependable automation systems. The research knowledge is applied to practice together with the key national agencies, critical infrastructure companies and their subcontractors to improve their cyber readiness.

Service-based Integration in Engineering, Operation & Maintenance

The research develops information system architectures and services as well as information models and semantics. Application areas are flexible system integration in production, mobile machine communication and distributed O&M processes.


The infrastructure of the Information Systems in Automation is built around ASECyberLab, part of TUTCyberLabs, which provides a modern industrial control system network interconnecting various processes from moving machines to process automation and Smart Grids. The laboratory processes and automation systems, mobile robots, and the research network for critical infrastructure are actively developed to facilitate both academic research and training of personnel in public and private organizations.

Industrial Partners

The industrial partners of Information Systems in Automation research area are mostly from the fields of process industry, manufacturing, forest machinery, critical infrastructure and services, and software technology and service providers.

Contact Us

David Hästbacka
Research Area Coordinator, Information Systems in Automation
Phone: +358 40 849 0016

Hannu Koivisto
Professor, Automation and Information Networks
Phone:+358 40 502 1690

Seppo Kuikka
Professor, Automation Software
Phone: +358 40 849 4540

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