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The Datutop series was founded in 1982 at the School of Architecture at Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland. The central themes of the Datutop publications are architectural theory and urban planning theory. Editions vary from monographs to theme-based collections of essays. All contributions are peer reviewed.



Gareth Griffiths (Helsinki) 

Minna Chudoba (Tampere)

International Editorial Board

Sari Hirvonen - Kantola (Oulu)
Dörte Kuhlmann (Vienna)
Kimmo Lapintie (Helsinki)
Rachel McCann (Mississippi)
Jorma Mänty (Tampere)
Raine Mäntysalo (Helsinki)
Ola Wetterberg (Gothenburg)

Distribution and Sales

Datutop can be purchased from the online bookstore  or by contacting the distributor by e-mail: verkkokauppa@juvenesprint.fi

Due to the irregularity of its publication, advance subscriptions to Datutop cannot be handled by the editors or the university. Inquiries regarding purchases should be addressed to the distributors. Datutop welcomes inquiries from institutions producing similar publications in the field of architecture and design theory, with a view to exchanging publications.

Notes to Contributors

Datutop welcomes submissions for publication. Depending on the issue or theme under consideration, submissions are subject to either closed peer review (i.e. reviewers are aware of the authors's identities but the authors do not know who reviewed their manuscript) or double blind review (i.e. neither authors nor reviewers know each others's identities). Normal practice in writing scientific papers is expected. Submissions are accepted in electronic form only. Good print-quality illustrations should be submitted separately, but their position in the text  indicated clearly. Illustration sources should be authenticated. Datutop cannot pay for illustration costs. An abstract should accompany the text, as well as a short biographical note on the author. Datutop cannot pay honoraria to authors, but they are entitled to three free copies.

Contact Editorial Correspondence

Datutop Editors
TUT, School of Architecture
P.O.Box 600
FIN - 33101 Tampere

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