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Research environment

TUT has the best campus in Finland. It is conveniently located in Hervanta, Tampere, and has a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that is conducive to academic and professional success. The University offers high-quality facilities and maintains research infrastructures that meet international standards. We have created a research environment that promotes scientific excellence within the campus community.

The University’s research infrastructure in its leading-edge fields is internationally competitive. For example, the Optoelectronics Research Centre is one of the best-equipped academic research units in Finland.The results of the international Research Assessment Exercise in 2011 demonstrated that the extensive machine shop and related experimental research infrastructures (such as various field measurement and monitoring systems) at the Department of Civil Engineering are unique in Scandinavia.

For more information on TUT’s research infrastructures, please see TUTCRIS research portal. TUT also offers businesses and industry laboratory and measurement services.

Projects included in the national roadmap for research infrastructures

The University administers Tampere Center for Scientific Computing (TCSC). TCSC provides support, computational resources and scientific software for researchers at TUT, the University of Tampere and the University of Jyväskylä. TCSC is part of the Finnish Grid Infrastructure (FGI) project that is included in the national roadmap for research infrastructures.

One of the projects included in the current roadmap involves the MAX IV Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory at Lund University, Sweden. Researchers at TUT are involved in a Finnish consortium that aims to build a world-class beamline in materials science at MAX IV and promote Finnish researchers’ access to the laboratory’s resources.

More information on the national roadmap for research infrastructures is available on the Academy of Finland’s website.

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