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National cooperation and networking

During the years 1995- 2015 Finnish doctoral education was developed in the scheme of national doctoral programmes established by the ministry of education and culture. They were assigned the task to provide systematic, high-level and supervised researcher training for a fixed period. They were financed by the ministry of education and culture, the Academy of Finland and the universities together until 2012, after that the financing was the responsibility of the universities only. The last terms of national doctoral programmes established in this scheme ended in 2015.

Most of the national doctoral programmes were networked projects jointly run by several universities. The Finnish universities of technology have agreed to support this cooperation further. Part of the former national doctoral programmes continue their activities as doctoral education networks and new networks has been established.

Doctoral education networks offer universities a framework for educational collaboration. The networks organize joint seminars, courses, summer schools and events as well as promote networking and increase peer support among students.

TUT is coordinating the following networks:


 TUT  is a partner in the following networks:


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