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The TUTCRIS portal is a showcase for TUT’s research. It provides up-to-date information on the activities of researchers and research groups, including their publications, projects and merits.

Publications can be browsed based on the field of science or the research unit, for example. The portal allows viewing open research publications and downloading online versions of doctoral dissertations.

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Science news

Computers will soon see and interpret images like humans

FidiPro Professor Jiri Matas develops online image searches. With current methods, the searches often return nearly identical images of the same target.

An engine can be used for monitoring the movement of an object from one camera to another, which is a useful feature for surveillance purposes and autonomous vehicle systems, for example. Image search can be harnessed for tracing stolen goods placed on sale online. Facial recognition and analysis are particularly interesting for advertisers.

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Laser reveals water impurities

What could take hours of manual work with laboratory samples, a laser beam may find in ten seconds. An invention made at TUT is a future solution for analyzing water impurities in industrial applications.

“Examples of fields in need for accurate information on water impurities include the mining, metal, paper and chemicals industries, and also the areas of oil refining, environmental control and waterworks,” the developer of the method Samu Järvinen lists.

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Big Data poses challenges to software developers

Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya’s FiDiPro term at TUT started in January 2015, but the cooperation set off over a decade ago.

“I have visited TUT in several short-term periods, and this current project builds upon our previous work at the Department of Pervasive Computing. The three-year funding by Tekes allows us to develop more extensive systems and software tools that bring major improvements to the processing of vast data masses and the data flow generated by information networks,” Bhattacharyya explains.

The results are eagerly awaited by the industry.

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Could light play the role of electricity?

“The solitons could contribute to the foundation of next generation photonic circuits in which light could play the role of electricity in today’s electronics,” says FiDiPro Professor Gaetano Assanto.

Photonics is one of the fastest growing industries around the world and in Finland. In the field of information technology alone, light could multiply the speed of data transfer and processing and significantly increase energy efficiency.

“Liquid crystals could help in enabling all-optical signal processing in the future,” Assanto explains.

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Better laser treatment for cancer and skin diseases

The FiDiPro project leader, biophysicist Serge Mordon is a world-renowned expert in the medical application of laser. ORC, in turn, is known for its innovative laser technology development.

The research involves the further development of ORC’s yellow-orange laser into a device for skin disease treatment. This will enable more effective therapy, easier implementation and reduced costs.

“In particular, the device can be used for treating skin damages and illnesses, such as port-wine stains, acne rosacea and dilated blood vessels.”

For cancer treatment, a photodynamic therapy is now proposed for specific kinds of skin tumours and local cancerous tumours related to prostatic and breast cancers, for example.

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BioMediTech – research cooperation in life sciences and medical technology

BioMediTech brings together research groups from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the University of Tampere in the fields of life sciences and medical technology.

BioMediTech offers a world-class research environment and support for innovation and the commercialization of research results.

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Tenure track promotes organizational commitment

Physicist Esa Räsänen was appointed to a professorship in the Department of Physics in September 2014. He is the first person put on TUT’s tenure track who has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, the highest rung on the academic ladder.

“My tenure track appointment gave me the freedom to pursue a long-term research agenda. The system increases motivation and engagement among faculty members and increases organizational commitment,” he says.

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Research partnerships

TUT maintains close ties with leading universities and institutions in Finland and abroad. Successful partnerships between research groups are based on projects of mutual interest. Our researchers are actively involved in internationally funded projects. A total of 78 FP7 and 12 Horizon 2020 projects are underway at the University in 2015. The strength of our international network is also evidenced by the steady increase in publishing output.

Research partnerships

High-quality doctoral education

TUT offers doctoral students a high-standard, inspiring research environment, high-quality supervision and support for pursuing a research career. Doctoral education is organized through TUT’s graduate school within the framework of faculty-specific doctoral programmes.

Doctoral programmes