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Performance Management team

Positioning of group’s activities

The mission of the Performance management team is to generate new academic knowledge which facilitates the development of productivity in knowledge-based service societies. We pursue to be experts in issues concerning the measurement and management of intangible aspects of organizational performance. The group was established in 1999.

Key research fields covered by the group include

  • intellectual capital and, more widely, the management of knowledge-based resources
  • management of service operations; particularly knowledge-intensive services
  • measurement and management of productivity and organizational performance.

Key research challenges

  • Understanding knowledge-based value creation:
    • how service value is created from knowledge assets and
    • how this process can be enhanced at the level of individual knowledge worker, organizational unit, organization and service system?
  • Performance management in a knowledge-based and service-oriented environment:
    • how to measure and manage knowledge assets, value creation process and the outcome of activities?
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