Photoalignment and Photopattering in Soft Materials 2018 - Tampere University of Technology

Photoalignment and Photopattering in Soft Materials 2018

Welcome to PhoSM 2018 Tampere

We warmly welcome you to the 3rd International Conference on Photoalignment and Photopatterning in Soft Materials (PhoSM), to be held on June 11-14, 2018, in Tampere, Finland. Following the footsteps of the successful meetings in Hong Kong (2014) and in Nagoya (2016), we would like to bring together fundamental and applied scientists working on light-responsive materials (polymers, small molecules, crystals, liquid crystals), to discuss the fundamental challenges and emerging trends of this fascinating area of research. We also acknowledge the importance of molecular photo-switches and motors as the fundamental building blocks that trigger the macroscopic light-induced phenomena in soft materials, and aim at composing a program that fosters interdisciplinary interaction between communities working at the molecular and macroscopic scales. In addition to top-level speakers, we offer you an exotic location at the Northern gates of the World, flavored by 20 hours of daylight and some hot Finnish cultural traditions.

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Photoalignment and Photopattering in Soft Materials 2018

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