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Personal Health Informatics

Team members

   Ilkka Korhonen
   Adjunct Professor at Signal Processing Department, leading a group focusing on Personal Health Informatics, including mHealth/eHealth, behavioral change support systems, complex behavioral and physiological data analysis and decision support. Also interested in UX and persuasive design  (more info).
   Holly Jimison
   is an associate professor of medical informatics and clinical epi demiology at Oregon Health & Science University, with expertise and research experience in the design and evaluation of home monitoring and interactive health management tools for a variety of consumer populations. Most recently, Dr. Jimison’s research has focused on health information tools and assistive technology for elders in the home and for chronic disease management  (more info).
   Misha Pavel
   is currently a Program Director at the National Science Foundation in charge of a program called Smart Health and Wellbeing. Concurrently, he has an appointment as a professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, with a joint appointment in the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, at Oregon Health and Science University. His current research is focused on technology that would enable transformation of healthcare to be proactive, evidence-based, distributed and patient-centered  (more info).
   Elina Helander
   Elina Helander is a post-doctoral researcher and head of data science in the group. Her research interests include health and wellness big data analytics in general, long-term self-monitoring data, signal processing, machine learning, and statistics.   (more info).
   Harri Honko
   A researcher and project lead on areas of mHealth and personalized health and wellness services, joined at April 2013. Looking forward to bring new angles and business & entrepreneurial view to the area of health informatics research, with background as a mHealth company founder and CEO since 2011  (more info).
   Hannu Nieminen
   My focus is on health and wellness coaching technologies and on mental e-health solutions. Partner and co-founder of PhD 1994, technologies for occupational health. I worked for 18 years in Nokia research & design. (more info)
   Jakub Parak
   Personal Health Informatics Research Group studies and develops solutions which help citizen to better follow up their health and wellness status, detect and predict changes, and identify and implement concrete lifestyle changes which help her to live healthier and happier life  (more info).
   Julia Pietilä
   Researcher at Personal Health Informatics group. I am interested in developing data mining and machine learning techniques to process big non-research heterogeneous health data.
   Oguzhan Gencoglu
   Researcher at Personal Health Informatics team. Research interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical and predictive data analysis, mathematical modeling and optimization, statistical signal processing, data visualization   (more info).
   Antti Kallonen
   Researcher at Personal Health Informatics team. Several years of experience working at large scale software engineering projects as a designer and architect. Research interests include machine learning, mathematical modeling, visualization and data warehousing architectures.
   Andres Ledesma
   Researcher at Personal Health Informatics team. Experience in Software Development focusing on Rich Internet Applications, Real-time Communication and Health Information Systems. Research interests include data visualization, web engineering, JavaScript (server and client-side), real-time HTTP communication, distributed systems, user-centered design and Data-Driven Document (d3.js).
   Saeed Mehrang
   Researcher at Personal Health Informatics team. Big data mining, statistical time series analysis, and mathematical modelling in the context of biomedical signals and big health data.
   Johanna Tolonen
   Research Assistant at Personal Health Informatics team.
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