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Kampusklubi brings together companies and universities, academic research and industrial R&D

Kampusareena is home to the Campus Club Kampusklubi®, which strengthens university-industry collaboration and is made up of pioneering companies in the field of R&D. Kampusklubi® fosters long-term collaboration, aims to take the expertise of its members to the next level, and paves the way to new collaboration opportunities. This will improve the competitiveness of both the member companies and the University.

Kampusklubi® provides a platform that allows the members to build long-term partnerships. You can either launch a small-term project or join a consortium to carry out a more extensive project. Collaboration enables the members to share costs and risks.     

University Properties of Finland Ltd. and Tampere University of Technology foster collaboration between researchers and the Club members by hosting events and offering a variety of different services. In addition, the members are welcome to host events of any size at the Kampusklubi® or in Kampusareena or TUT’s other facilities. 

Membership in the club is subject to a fee. Companies join the Kampusklubi® for three years at a time. Kampusklubi® concept has been developed by University Properties of Finland Ltd, which is responsible for the development and organization of the activities. The concept is being piloted in Kampusareena.

For more information about membership and room bookings, please contact:
University Properties of Finland Ltd
Customer Coordinator Jaana Hanninen,
tel. +358 400 414 117, jaana.hanninen@sykoy.fi

University-industry collaboration:
Tampere University of Technology
Network and Partnership Development officer (Kampusareena) Marjut Kemiläinen

Location of Kampusklubi:
Kampusareena 5th floor, Korkeakoulunkatu 7, Tampere, Finland 
(Access card or host required except for open events)

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