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TUT ranks 11th in the world for industry collaboration

The Times Higher Education has ranked Tampere University of Technology (TUT) 11th in the world on the basis of the volume of industry collaboration.
Photo: TUT’s Image Bank
Photo: TUT’s Image Bank

The Times Higher Education ranks universities across a range of different activities. TUT was placed 11th in a ranking list that measures the percentage of papers published by an institution that involve an element of working directly with industry. The ranking indicates how much companies are involved in and invest time in the active research area of the institution.

President Markku Kivikoski is delighted with TUT’s excellent performance in the ranking.

“Ever since its establishment, our University has had a strong commitment to fostering industry collaboration. For example, the results of the 2011 international Research Assessment Exercise (TUT RAE) demonstrated that this is one of TUT’s strengths. I’m very pleased that our work is internationally recognized,” Kivikoski says.

The Southwest Petroleum University from China and China University of Petroleum topped the list. The first European university to appear in the list was Eindhoven University of Technology, which was 7th. Aalto University was the other Finnish university that made it to the list. Aalto was placed 12th.

The Times Higher Education (THE) is a UK-based magazine that reports on news related to higher education and publishes a range of annual rankings of universities worldwide. Among others, the ‘THE 100 Under 50’ lists the world’s best 100 universities under the age of 50. Tampere University of Technology was ranked 90th in 2015. This was the University’s final year in the ‘100 Under 50’ list, as TUT celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015.

The ranking list is available on the website of the Times Higher Education.

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