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Seeking for Employment? You may find it from Kampusklubi!

The member companies of the Kampusklubi-club are looking for talents among TUT students. Join us @Kampusklubi on 8th December and meet your future employer. You can perfect your pitch and CV with the help of Y-kampus pitching workshop and TUT Careers CV clinic. This opportunity is not worth passing!

Representatives for example from BMH Technology, M-Files, OptoFidelity, Sirate Group, Wapice, HERE... available to discuss working opportunities.


Stage, Kampusareena 1st floor

9:00 – 10:00 Y-kampus pitching workshop (in English), Elisa Lukin & Tuomas Jalonen
Get some last minute tips for your pitch and convince your future employer about your skills.

Kampusklubi, Kampusareena 5th floor

9:00 – 11:00 CV-clinic, Kaisa Niskanen, TUT’s Career Services
If you wish to improve your CV, Kaisa will give you feedback and tips how to do it. Just remember to bring your printed CV with you. 

10:00 – 15:00

Recruiting Kampusklubi companies available for students to meet.

Representative from company Wapice gives a presentation about IoT-Ticket platform, which is available at Kampusklubi for TUT students. IoT-Ticket is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform covering data acquicition, reporting, dashboard and analytics. Come to see and discuss how you could utilize the possibilities of IoT-Ticket!

Kampusklubi welcomes all TUT students to visit Kampusklubi 8th of December!

IoT-Ticket - The most complete, modern and easy-to-use Internet of Things platform on the market

IoT-Ticket is real end-to-end IoT solution enabling rapid and super easy-to-use application development. Utilizing Dashboard, Report and Alarm & Event functionalities you can build real interactive modern web applications to users. Application development is done with zero-programming approach directly in the web browser.

You may connect your devices and systems into the platform easily using documented RestAPI and developer libraries. 

Tutorial videos help you to get quick start and enable first applications to be built within minutes.


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