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Ecological and unique Kampusareena

Kampusareena is a unique multi-user building launched by TUT and University Properties of Finland Ltd. The facilities and services available in Kampusareena have been specifically designed to foster community spirit and promote collaboration between the University and companies. 

Kampusareena in a nutshell

  • 16,000 m² spread out over 8 floors
  • cost of construction: EUR 30 million
  • client: University Properties of Finland Ltd.
  • principal architect: Juha Luoma, Arkkitehdit LSV
  • general contractor: SRV.

Some 40 per cent of Kampusareena’s facilities are reserved for companies. Commercial facilities take up approximately 10 per cent. Tampere University of Technology rents about 60 per cent of Kampusareena’s total floor space from University Properties of Finland Ltd.

At Kampusareena offices works permanently 300 persons, but premises and services are used by thousands of people weekly.  

Kampusareena is an informal, open-plan loft. The building houses a broad range of open workspaces, teaching facilities, meeting rooms and exhibition areas.

The building incorporates ecological design principles, as it features a green roof, waterless urinals and is equipped with 560 solar panels that generate approximately 80 MWh of electricity each year. The ventilation systems in Kampusareena are partly solar-powered. Overall the building achieves a Class B energy rating. It has received a ‘Very Good’ rating from BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method), an environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. BREEAM addresses wide ranging environmental and sustainability issues, such as energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes.

University Properties of Finland Ltd. owns Kampusareena. Read more!

Kampusareena: User guide for the building

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