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Health@Tampere3 seminars 2017

Tampere University of Technology (TUT), University of Tampere (UTA), and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have launched a series of afternoon seminars on Health@Tampere3.

The idea is to bring together the researchers in various research areas in Health Research to network and plan new research openings in the framework of Tampere3.

Three Health@Tampere3 seminars will be arranged in spring, and three in autumn. The seminars will be arranged as afternoon sessions at 13.00–16.00, and the language of the events is English.

Tentative topics, dates and location are the following:

16.2.2017 Active and healthy ageing / TUT

30.3.2017 Health monitoring and personalized care / TAMK

18.5.2017 Personalized Cancer Care / UTA

5.10.2017 Economics in health care / TAMK

10.11.2017 Digitalization in health and health care systems (eHealth, mHealth, robotics, IoT) / Torni Hotel

14.12.2017 Role of the environment on health and wellbeing / UTA


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