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Many of the FAST-Lab. research activities are tested and validated in real environments, for this FAST-Lab. has built a unique research environment called FASTory. The environment is used in many European projects in which FAST-Lab. is participating and for education purposes.

FASTory environment has 20 robots, twelve of them are interconnected via an automatic conveyor system building a closed-loop production line. Six ABB robotic units built 3 multi-purpose cells with conveyors for loading and un-loading pallets to the cells. While electricity is the main energy vehicle used in FASTory, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are usually presented in real industrial environments, therefore FASTory is utlizating for research purposes a Hydraulic Power Unit (including an oil tank of 700 liters and its unique on-line monitoring system for predictive maintenance). A small-scale production line is built by 8 FESTO MPS stations interconnected for a pellet-based transportation system and connected to an automatic Milling Machine using a Mitsubishi Robot mounted on a linear rail for automatically feeding and unloading the center. Understanding the diversity of communication protocols used in industry, FASTory is having a dedicated educational environment for Fieldbuses (incl. Interbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, ...) and Industrial Internet solutions (EtherCat, DPWS, OPC-UA, ...)



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