EmpatiA ­ Architecture and Empathy, International architecture workshop - Tampere University of Technology

EmpatiA - Architecture and Empathy - International architecture workshop

EmpatiA workshop

International architecture workshop in Fiskars Village, Finland  4.-17.4.2014

Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture organizes an international EmpatiA workshop in in Fiskars, City of Raseborg 4.-17.4.2014. EmpatiA workshop is to challenge the participants to consider the basic nature and values of architecture.

Erasmus Intensive Programme “Architecture and Empathy” (EmpatiA IP) is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. CIMO is in charge of the administration and implementation of the Lifelong Learning Programme in Finland.

The design task of EmpatiA workshop revolves around the idea of Empathy in Architecture with special emphasis on accessibility and inclusiveness of built environment. The task focuses on housing design and calls for combining conceptual thinking and practical design.The students will be working with various scales of residential environment: from the scale of the community to details, always considering the empathetic principles such as perception and experience of the built environment. The design task will be supported by lectures given by invited key experts. The workshop also includes seminars, an excursion to Helsinki and social activities.

Understanding differentness, 
i.e. empathy, is one of the fundamental
ideas in all architecture.
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EmpatiA workshop is organized by Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture. The project coordinator of the workshop is professor Markku Hedman. 

For further information please contact:

Markku Hedman, Professor, +35840 7024884, markku.hedman(at)tut.fi
Sini Kotilainen Architect M.Sc. (Arch) SAFA, +35840 8490427, sini.kotilainen(at)tut.fi

Travel claims and financial matters
TUT School of Architecture/Financial Secretary Jutta Varin, +35840 8490301, jutta.varin(at)tut.fi

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