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Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group

Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group (CBIG)

Principal Investigator Professor Jari Hyttinen

We at CBIG drive to deliver new knowledge and methods for future personalized medicine trough advances on 3D bioimaging, cellular biophysics and computational modelling.

Novel personalized medicine is build on wealth of data from the individual person. We aim to improve this data and its usage and produce new biological knowledge, novel biomedical methods and tools for future personalized medicine:

We study the cellular biophysics, especially electrophysiology and biomechanics for neuronal, cardiac and epithelial functions using microscopy, bioimpedance, patch clamp, and multichannel electrode arrays (MEAs). PhD Soile Nymark's research group Biophysics of the Eye, part of CBIG, is specially concentrating on this area.

We develop new methods for 3D bioimaging and image based assessment of cellular and tissue functions. We develop optical, electric and X-ray tomography and single plane illumination microscopy for augmenting tissue engineering, in-vitro disease and drug modelling, and future 3D histology.

We develop computational models to decipher the cellular biophysics in epithelial barrier functions and neuronal networks and cardiomyocytes integrating in-silico and in-vitro human induced stem cell personalized and drug screening platforms.

Our group is a part of BioMediTech Institute and Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering.

Senior Researchers:

Bachir Dekdouk
Jussi Koivumäki
Soile Nymark
Michelangelo Paci
Jarno Tanskanen

All group members can be found here.

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