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Research Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies

The Research Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies has been established at Tampere University of Technology in 2015. Its main purpose is to provide expertise and facilities for studying and utilizing emerging visual technologies and the related new user experience with the aim to enhance the existing and to develop new scientific and industrial applications where advanced visualization is a must.


The Centre addresses the three principal problems in advanced visualization:

  • Creating suitable rich visual content by new means for scene sensing
  • Dealing with the complexity of the data to be visualized and the relevant computational methods and computing platforms
  • Studying the quality delivered by novel visual technologies and the user experience of observing and interacting with visual content


Sensing: modern sensing technologies (multiple camera systems, active and passive range sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles) and corresponding novel processing methods (e.g. tools for motion analysis), perceptually-driven extraction of 3D visual information

Representation: Plenoptic-function oriented as well as Multi-view multi-depth (MVMD) representations which support post-processing visual effects and visualization scenarios

Advanced displays: Optimized visualization for various advanced displays ranging from ultra-high definition and high-dynamic range, to stereoscopic and multi-view, to light-field and holographic displays.

User Experience: equipment and tools for carrying out subjective tests related with visual experience. More specifically, Quality of Experience (QoE) and user experience (UX) indoor and mobile testing facilities will be established to offer high quality evaluation studies with potential users.


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