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Success stories

Advances in diagnosing childhood asthma

Researchers at TUT have developed a new method for the diagnosis and control of childhood asthma. The next step is the development of a diagnostic device and software for medical professionals.

TUT’s hydraulics expertise convinced Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce factory in Rauma is a world-leading provider of rotating propulsion systems and winches. Rolls-Royce’s collaboration with IHA Rauma, a research unit administered under the Department of Intelligent Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) at TUT, has continued for a decade.

Research or business? Choose both!

Anssi Klapuri is living proof that it is possible to successfully combine academic research with a business career. He divides his time between the Department of Signal Processing at TUT and Ovelin Ltd, where he is one of the shareholders and works as lead algorithm developer.

Microrobotics benefits paper industry

TUT’s expertise in microrobotics is boosting the development of low-density, cost-effective and yet high-quality paper. Professor Pasi Kallio coordinates the international PowerBonds project that develops methods for measuring the bond strength between paper fibres.

Hydraulics enters the digital age

19 March 1999 will be remembered as the day when Senior Research Fellow Matti Linjama first presented his idea of digital hydraulics. Today the technology is used by leading mechanical engineering companies. Linjama’s innovation has also spawned university-industry collaboration that provides employment opportunities for students and graduates.


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