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Invite TUT Industry Ambassadors for a visit

The ‘TUT Industry Ambassador’ is a service concept especially intended
for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) that are interested in collaborating with TUT. The team consists of four students who give on-site presentations to introduce companies to all the services that TUT offers for industry and business.

Companies are welcome to invite the TUT Industry Ambassadors for a visit, for example, to:

  • receive general information on the modes of university-industry collaboration
  • hear more about the opportunities for and advantages of student collaboration,
  • explore concrete ways to receive R&D support, 
  • initiate possible collaboration to meet their current development needs

The TUT Industry Ambassadors’ visits are always prearranged and tailored to specific company needs. As the Ambassadors are students, their services are available during the academic semesters running from September to April.

Contact us: yrityslahettilaat@tut.fi

TUT Industry Ambassadors in the academic year 2017–2018

Laura Malmivuori, third-year student majoring in information and knowledge management

– I want to spread the word among local SMEs about the diverse opportunities for collaboration with TUT and the skills of technology students.
Pinja Kilpeläinen, third-year student majoring in chemistry

– It is extremely important to increase awareness of students of technology and our University, especially in companies that do not yet know us.
Kaisa Tolvanen, third-year student majoring inbio- and environmental engineering

– As a student, I appreciate TUT’s close collaboration with companies and what it can bring.
Maria Juponaho, third-year student majoring in chemistry

– The Industry Ambassador concept is a great opportunity to get to know SMEs in and around Tampere.
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