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Energize product development with innovation vouchers

Could your company use innovation vouchers?

Has your company considered the competitive edge collaboration with university experts could bring?

Are you wondering about the concrete value of research or the costs of university collaboration?

Two experimental innovation voucher projects are currently operational in Finland: a national project run by Tekes and a local voucher system for the Pirkanmaa region.

These experiments aim to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enlist expert help from institutions such as universities to benefit their business.

The vouchers provide up to €5,000 in funding for companies to use in full for the development of new and innovative operations, products, or services.

An innovation voucher helps you to strike up collaboration between your company and the University, so you can see the potential benefits of university collaboration in practice.

Contact and let us help you find the experts and services fit for your company’s needs!

SMEs eligible for Tekes innovation vouchers

  • must use the funding to develop an innovation with international potential
  • must be new clients for Tekes who have not received Tekes funding this or the previous year
  • must have an Alfa rating of at least A
  • must not have reached their de minimis limit (€200,000 in 3 years).

More information about the Tekes innovation vouchers:

SMEs eligible for a Pirkanmaa region innovation voucher (not open for applications at the moment)

must be in the field of

  • smart exercise and exercise services,
  • well-being and health technology,
  • industrial renewal,
  • Internet of Things, or
  • other smart city development solution

and must use the voucher for

  • growth, internationalization, and new openings,
  • and have not reached their de minimis limit.

For more information about the Pirkanmaa voucher system and other available services in Finnish, visit and



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