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Companies usually pursue research collaboration with TUT by taking part in a co-funded project. This means that the project is jointly sponsored and conducted by the University and company partners. As part of the funding comes from public funding agencies, such as the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes or EU, special emphasis is placed on the scientific goals of the project.  

Co-funded projects offer companies the opportunity to participate in large-scale, high-impact projects in exchange of a small share of the funding. Co-funded projects can potentially open the door to valuable national and international partnerships and networks. Read more about our success stories.

Our researchers are always on the lookout for new industry partners. If you are interested in joining our research projects, please contact TUT’s Company Services. You can also get involved by taking part in our networking events. Stay up to date with our events and activities by subscribing to the TUT Event Bulletin.

Characteristics of co-funded research

  • Usually 50 - 75 per cent of the funding comes from public sources (such as Tekes or the EU).
  • Companies typically contribute 5 - 25 per cent of the project budget.
  • The pre-award preparations and proposal process may last over a year.
  • Projects usually last for 1-4 years.
  • Projects usually involve multiple companies and research organizations.
  • The results are generally released into the public domain.
  • The protection and utilization of the results and related compensation are agreed upon separately between the partners.
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