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The TUT campus offers a broad range of venues that accommodate a variety of events and meetings. You can book, for example, a traditional lecture hall, a space that is specifically designed to foster creativity, or facilities for hosting festive events.  

Enquiries and reservations or Sari Vienola, tel. +358 40 198 1212


Venues for rent

Iso Sali / Great Hall

Auditorium, Festia Building
Capacity 480 persons
110,41 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Konetalo Building
Capacity 264 persons
74,6 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Tietotalo Building
Capacity 237 persons
80,47 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Tietotalo Building
Capacity 182 persons
66,56 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Sähkötalo Building
Capacity 176 persons
61,79 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Konetalo Building
Capacity 120 persons
38,84 €/h (VAT not included)

Pieni Sali 1/Small Hall

Auditorium, Festia Building
Capacity 100 persons
32,91 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Kampusareena
Capacity 100 persons
36,33 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorium, Sähkötalo Building
Capacity 90 persons
39,04 €/h (VAT not included)


Auditorio, Rakennustalo Building
Capacity 90 persons
37,67 €/h (VAT not included)


Class Room, Rakennustalo Building
Capacity 70 persons
32,05 €/h (VAT not included)


Class room, Sähkötalo Building
Capacity 52 persons
27,72 €/h (VAT not included)


Class room, Main Building
Capacity 40 persons
22,92 €/h (VAT not included)


Class room, Festia Building
Capacity 30 persons
23,81 €/h (VAT not included)


Class room, Tietotalo Building
Capacity 28 persons
16,86 €/h (VAT not included)

PA330 Koivu

Meeting room, Main Building
Capacity 22 persons
14,54 €/h (VAT not included)


Meeting room, Tietotalo Building
Capacity 16 persons
14,28 €/h (VAT not included)

PA328 Pikkukoivu

Meeting room, Main Building
Capacity 12 persons
12,19 €/h (VAT not included)

A226 Teekkari

Cabinet, Kampusareena
Capacity 10 persons
10,61 €/h (VAT not included)

A229 Wappu

Cabinet, Kampusareena
Capacity 7 persons
8,15 €/h (VAT not included)

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