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Collaboration with employers helps keep education relevant

Real-life company projects and collaboration with industry give students first-hand insights into the application of the latest knowledge for the benefit of industry and business. Our students contribute their energy, expertise and fresh ideas to companies and keep them up to date with the latest industry-relevant research. In addition, this type of collaboration supports TUT’s interaction with the broader society. 

Become a guest lecturer or expert

Company personnel can engage with our students by giving guest lectures or serving as guest experts. Guest lectures enable students to stay on top of industry news and trends and draw links between theory and practice. This type of collaboration ensures that our courses are aligned with the needs of the labour market.

Arrange a visit or a competition

Employers are encouraged to invite our students for a visit. The traditional way for companies to present their activities to students is to host an excursion to their facilities. The student guilds, which represent different fields of study and are placed under the umbrella of TUT’s Student Union, will help you arrange an excursion. 

Alternative ways to get involved in education include, among others, different idea and design competitions that are open to students. 

Small problems to be solved?

Practical assignments are written works that are more limited in scope than a thesis. They are closely related to the topic of courses or other studies completed by our students. Assignments can be, for example:

  • projects
  • small-scale case studies
  • reports that address the specific needs of a company.

Assignments commissioned from our students provide companies with an excellent opportunity to resolve small-scale, practical challenges and gain access to the latest research and fresh perspectives whilst contributing to the labour market relevance of the courses and programmes offered at TUT.     

Companies are welcome to directly contact either TUT’s faculty staff or students they know to propose a topic for a practical assignment. TUT’s Career Services and Company Services are also happy to help companies get in touch with a department or a teacher with relevant expertise.


It is very important for university students to observe and participate in production and planning processes in real-life industrial settings. Internships offer students a first-hand glimpse into their chosen field and different work environments. Most of the internships of our students are offered by industry and private companies.

Employers can advertise open internships through the recruitment channels. TUT’s Career Services ( and Company Services can also help you find an intern.

Contact us

If you are interested in this type of collaboration, please contact the department at TUT that pursues research in the areas that best match your interests. The staff at TUT’s Company Services and Career Services are also happy to help you find a suitable course or study module and turn your ideas into reality.








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