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Are you planning to recruit new employees? POPJob is a career portal that matches employers with new talent. Employers are encouraged to post open positions, internships and MSc thesis projects that are available for students TUT in POPJob. The service is free of charge for companies.

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Principles of POPJob:

1. Job opportunities that are available for university students or graduates are published in POPJob. The portal is intended as a medium for advertising positions that support students’ progress towards a degree or require previous academic studies or an academic degree. Summer jobs and seasonal positions that fall into other categories may also be posted to the portal.

2. Job advertisements published by private employment agencies and staffing companies must include the name of the customer company along with detailed information on the open position. TUT does not publish anonymous job advertisements.

3. Internship opportunities must be paid, because TUT does not offer financial support for students during internships.

4. TUT has the right not to publish a job advertisement submitted by an employer. TUT reserves the right to delete job advertisements published in POPJob.

Reach all university students in Finland through Aarresaari

The POPJob portal is part of the wider Aarresaari network that brings together the career and recruitment services offered at Finnish universities. The Aarresaari network serves employers, universities, students and graduates and builds bridges between students and employers.   

If you want to advertise job opportunities among all the university students in Finland, you can publish your advertisement on Aarresaari’s website.

5. Job advertisements submitted to POPJob are published within the next three working days.

6. TUT is not responsible for the content of job advertisements.

7. If you want to make changes to a job advertisement that you have already submitted to POPJob, you can edit the text by clicking the link in the email sent to you by the system.

8. The job advertisements posted to POPJob are also published in the student intranet.

If you have any questions about recruitment, please contact TUT’s Career Services:
Kaisa Niskanen, tel. +358 50 300 5964, or

Company presence on campus

Companies have multiple avenues for building a campus presence and establishing contacts with students. TUT’s Career Services are happy to help you get in touch with our students!

Companies can build a campus presence and build contacts with our students by:

  • setting up company stand on the TUT campus
  • arranging an event or a campaign
  • hosting a company visit

Companies can showcase their activities by setting up a stand or arranging events or campaigns on the TUT campus. These paid services are offered by TUT’s Student Union and student guilds, which book the required facilities and advertise company events to students.  

A popular option for increasing a company’s name-recognition among students is to invite a group of them for a visit. Employers can also provide badges for student overalls and advertise their company in the guild rooms. Read more: Work with teachers.

Career fair ‘Yrityspäivät’

The career fair Yrityspäivät is the largest annual networking and recruitment event for university students in Finland. The annual two-day exhibition brings together around a hundred businesses and organizations and thousands of students. Welcome to take part in Yrityspäivät at Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere in February!





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