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Multidisciplinary and fresh perspectives for your organisation

Demola brings together employees from partner organizations and students from the higher education institutions in Tampere to tackle agile projects. Each year, hundreds of projects are implemented worldwide on Demola’s innovation platform. Demola is a concept developed by the higher education community in Tampere.

Demola’s model of co-creation benefits organisations that are looking to:

  • encourage their employees to innovate
  • strengthen their culture of experimentation
  • gain fresh ideas and perspectives
  • identify areas for development and potential investments

For whom?

Companies and organisations that are interested in the professional development of their employees, agile experiments, and collaboration with students.  
How to proceed?

Demola projects are defined together with the partner organisation. A multidisciplinary team of higher education students and 1-3 representatives of the partner organisation work on the project for about two months.  

With support from Demola’s facilitator, the project proceeds from the delineation of potential development areas to the conception of ideas and demos. The project results in a proposal presenting a concrete solution to support the organisation's development and investment decisions. 

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The price of one Demola co-creation project is EUR 7,500 (+VAT) including:
  • a description of strategic content and goals of the project
  • an eight-week facilitated co-creation process
  • the participation of 1–3 representatives of the partner organisation
  • the recruitment of 4–6 students with expertise in specified areas
  • a global non-exclusive license to the results of the project (with the option to exclusive rights)



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