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BSc thesis – ideal for a narrowly defined research project

A bachelor’s thesis is a public written work that is counted towards a bachelor’s degree and explores a narrowly focused research problem. Bachelor’s theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are seeking information on a specific topic or are looking for summer workers or students who might write them a master’s thesis later on. Commissioning a bachelor’s thesis from a student is free of charge.        

A bachelor’s thesis may take, among others, the following forms: 

  • literature review 
  • pre-study
  • comparison report
  • market research or competitor analysis

Companies are welcome to directly contact either TUT’s departmental staff  or students they know to propose a topic for a bachelor’s thesis. TUT’s Career Services and Company Services are also happy to help companies get in touch with a department or a teacher with relevant expertise.

TUT verifies that the proposed topic is appropriate for a bachelor’s thesis and reserves 1-3 months for completing and reviewing the thesis.

Further information:

TUT’s Career Services
TUT's Company Services


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