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TUT scholarships and tuition fees

TUT scholarships

TUT offers a generous scholarship programme for fee-paying students. With the help of the TUT scholarship, TUT continues to provide excellent international students with high-quality, yet affordable, education. The TUT scholarship programme consists of the TUT academic excellence scholarship and tuition fee waivers.

TUT academic excellence scholarship

In 2018, TUT is awarding the TUT academic excellence scholarship to up to ten of the most talented applicants. The TUT academic excellence scholarships include a full tuition fee waiver as well as an allowance of 7000 € per academic year to cover living costs. The scholarships are awarded for an academic year and considered on an annual basis.

Tuition fee waivers

The majority of TUT scholarships are awarded as tuition fee waivers to the most talented students. The fee waivers awarded may cover either 50 % or 100 % of the full tuition fee. Tuition fee waivers are awarded during the admissions process or can be earned during the studies. The tuition fee waivers awarded in conjunction with the student admission process are full tuition fee waivers which cover 100 % of the tuition fee. The tuition fee waiver is awarded to a sizeable proportion of the admitted students.

The tuition fee waivers are awarded for the duration of the normative time for completing the degree (3 academic years for a Bachelor's degree and 2 academic years for a Master's degree) on the condition that the student progresses in their studies according to the normative schedule. In order to retain the waiver, the student must complete at least 55 credits in an academic year. The credits must be for courses included in the degree requirements. If the student completes 40-55 credits in an academic year, the fee waiver will be reduced to 50%. Students who complete less than 40 credits in an academic year will lose their TUT scholarship entirely.

For students who have not been awarded a TUT scholarship in the admissions process, it is possible to earn a tuition fee waiver for the second or third (in BSc) year of studies by progressing in studies speedily. A student who has not received a TUT scholarship at all can earn a 50 % fee waiver by completing at least 65 credits of courses included in the degree requirements in an academic year. A 100 % fee waiver can be earned by completing at least 75 credits of courses included in the degree requirements in an academic year.

For the Bachelor's degree students who have been awarded a TUT scholarship at admission but had their waiver reduced to 50 % for the second year, it is possible to earn a 100 % waiver again by completing at least 65 credits of courses included in the degree requirements in an academic year. If a student on a 50 % fee waiver completes less than 55 credits in an academic year, s/he will lose the fee waiver entirely.

How to apply for a scholarship?

Students wishing to be considered for a TUT scholarship must apply for the scholarship at the same time with their application for admission. There is no separate scholarship application; the scholarship application is made by ticking the appropriate box in the application for admission. Applicants who are admitted will get the decision concerning admission and scholarship at the same time.

The TUT scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, evaluated on the basis of the student admission criteria. Applicants who are admitted to TUT and awarded the TUT scholarship must confirm their study place at TUT within two weeks of the admissions decision and start their studies during the welcome week in August in order to retain the TUT scholarship.

More information on financial arrangements.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for english-taught degree programmes:

  • 10 000 € per academic year for the Bachelor’s programme
  • 12 000 € per academic year for all Master’s level programmes

For students who are citizens of countries within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, studies in all degree programmes will remain free of charge. Tuition fees will also not affect those non-EU/EEA students who have the right to permanent residence in Finland (residence permits A, P and P-EU).

If you are unsure if you are required to pay tuition fees, further information is available at

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