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Tampere University of Technology enjoys an international reputation for the quality of reasearch and education. TUT is dedicated to pursuing excellence in education and offers a supportive environment for students.

Learning by doing

Courses are strongly based on the learning by doing approach. Students are expected to be active participates in the learning process and contribute to the courses as individuals and as a group.

Courses usually consist of traditional lectures, but exercises, laboratory work or different kinds of assignments are included in most of the courses. Besides basic learning methods, teachers employ effective teaching technologies and online platforms, video teaching, virtual learning environments and the latest technological devices to help students achieve the learning outcomes defined in the curriculum. Guest lecturers - ranging from visiting professors from international partner universities to industry representatives - are regularly invited to TUT.

Group work

Group work is a popular teaching method at TUT. Working in a group requires skills and abilities that also needed in working life - communication skills, collaborative learning, brainstorming and taking responsibility for shared assignments. In addition, working with others requires the ability to listen, share, help others and respect different opinions. It also allows students to divide the work load evenly by dividing the assignments into smaller sections for each member. Group work is an effective way to bring international and Finnish students together.

Demola of New Factory

Tampere University of Technology has launched collaboration with Demola of New Factory . TUT's international students have been involved in a number of succesfull projects in Demola and gained credits for their work.

"Demola is a functional and internationally recognised open innovation platform for students and companies. In Demola, university students develop demo concepts for products and services together with companies and create new solutions to real-life problems. Demola provides an inspiring atmosphere of creative co-creation and new learning opportunities for students and professionals of different universities and organizations. Companies bring their project ideas for student teams to cultivate. Demola offers the teams the tools and the teams design the solutions collaboratively".


Hermia Science Park is located next to Tampere University of Technology. It is a technology centre and hub for small technology startups and larger international companies and engages in close cooperation with TUT. Hermia Science Park is home to 150 companies and internationally recognized research organizations. Many of TUT's students have the opportunity to build close contacts with the companies in Hermia - either by visiting the companies as part of course assignments or by preparing a thesis commissioned by one of the companies.

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