Studying at TUT - Tampere University of Technology

Studying at TUT

TUT offers high-quality education. Courses comprise lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises. You will have a chance to experiment and learn by doing which is essential for all engineers. You will be encouraged to combine creativity with acquired knowledge. Teaching methods vary depending on the subject and the teacher. Lecturing is often the primary teaching method, but parts of courses may be completed, for example, via a virtual learning environment.

The academic year at TUT starts in the middle of August and ends in late May. For new students the year begins with the orientation week, comprising of various activities and information sessions.

The academic year is divided into two semesters, each of which are divided in two teaching periods. There are two breaks during the academic year, the Christmas break and the Easter break. An examination week is arranged after each teaching period. Please see the academic calendar  for further details.

To obtain a degree, students complete compulsory courses, supplementary courses, as well as major, minor and optional studies. The exact structure of your degree programme is described in the study guide.

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