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Facilities and services

Excellent study facilities - support services available

TUT offers a comfortable study environment and a number of services that support studies and make everyday life easier for students. The compact campus includes excellent facilities for independent study and group work. There are, for example, a well-equipped library, several workstations and computer labs, various group and study rooms, hobby club premises and inviting cafés and restaurants on campus.

The TUT Library offers library and advisory services, as well as training on information retrieval and the use of information materials. The library stocks a wide range of digital resources, including electronic journals, books and databases.  The print collection comprise large volumes, mainly in the fields of science and technology. The lending collection may be used on the premises or taken on loan. Borrowing is free of charge. See the Library's guide for first-year students for more information.

All TUT students recieive a unique user account that contains a personal email address, file space quota for personal files and web pages and provides access to the computers and systems around the University, including the personalised student portal, which an essential toolkit and information centre for studies and student life. Student computers are equipped with a wide range of software (word processors, spreadsheets, drawing packages, databases, math software, etc.). Printers and scanners are also available in the computer labs. In addition to computer labs, students often use their own laptops on campus, which is easy thanks to the WLAN that covers the majority of the campus.

Thorough induction and tutoring for new students

TUT organises orientation for new students at the beginning of the autumn semester before the start of the first teaching period, in late August. Students receive instructions on how to register as a student and a lot of important information concerning studies at TUT and student life in Tampere. Most importantly, they get to know their tutor groups and fellow students! The orientation is compulsory for all new students, because starting your studies without attending the orientation requires a lot of initiative on your part and may be quite challenging.

New students can also participate in degree programme-specific small group tutoring from the orientation week onwards. The purpose of the tutoring system is to introduce students to the field of study, the faculty and, above all, to their fellow students, TUT and Tampere. Study counselling is available to students in their respective degree programmes throughout their studies.

The on-campus Employment Service point supports the employment prospects of students and new graduates by offering career planning and job seeking services.

Student Union

Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY) is the interest group of each technical student in Tampere and every student in TUT is a member. The mission of TTYY is to act as a link between technical students and contribute to their educational and social goals. In practice TTYY carries out this mission by representing students in the administration of the University and having an influence on decision making locally. Students are welcome to contact us whenever they feel that they are not treated fairly or equally in the University or by the local decision makers.

Technical students of Tampere have their own culture, which includes lots of funny and interesting customs and traditions. Oldest ones of these traditions are as old as the technical university education in Finland. Strong sense of community is something that makes student life in TUT so interesting and unique. Backbones of our community are strong guilds and clubs: Each study program has their own guild and various clubs are organized around different hobbies. From these you can always find peer support with your courses or just same minded people to spend your free time with. For more info, please see Student Union Leaflet.pdf or visit Student Union’s website:  http://www.ttyy.fi/en/

How about learning some Finnish?

Adapting to Finnish society and everyday life will be much easier and more fun, if you are prepared to learn some Finnish. TUT Language Centre offers Finnish courses for the international students. The international master's degree programmes are conducted in English, i.e. courses, exams and student services are arranged in English. Previous knowledge or studies in the Finnish language are not required, but at least basic courses are strongly recommended, because they provide good basic language skills useful in everyday life and a brief introduction to Finnish culture. Moreover, it is very important to learn some Finnish, if you are interested in working in Finland at some point.

TUT together with the other higher education institutions in Tampere guide you to Finnish society and working life

TUT together with University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences organise a Mentoring Programme in order to get help in planning your career in Finland and getting work related networks. In case you are interested in getting to know Finnish everyday life and a Finnish family, you may join the Friend Family Programme. It is also possible to participate in a lecture series in Finnish Society and Culture, which gives students a comprehensive introduction to Finnish society, history and culture.

Join multidisiplinary Demola projects and get contacts to companies

Demola offers university students a great opportunity to add some real-life twist into the conventional path towards a career. It means that you work in a project with a multidisciplinary team to solve real-life cases together with partner companies. And yes, it’s all part of your degree program. Project ideas and needs come from the project partners, companies and organizations or international Demola Network partners. It could mean new product or service concepts or even something that is totally new.

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