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Roman - Information Technology

Name: Roman Florea
Age: 27
Programme: Information Technology, Communication Networks and Protocols
Home country: Moldova

After being in the computer networks industry for a couple of years I realized that I lack certain theoretical  reasoning behind the distributed systems design and implementation. TUT  programme in Communications Engineering offers a wide variety of courses on designing, analyzing and implementing computer networks both from the prospective of the end system providing the service, and from the prospective of the interconnection of intermediary devices distributing that service. That was exactly what I was looking for.

Meeting people from all over the world that share your enthusiasm in the domain is really exciting. People with different backgrounds have different points of view on the subject and the mixture of those can result in very interesting and innovative ideas.

Finland is one of the leading countries in Information Technology and TUT is its bright representative. Here you can meet people actually creating the technologies of tomorrow like nanocommunications or 3D media, as well as people who contributed to foundations of what now became widely adopted standards.

Finland is very welcoming, when I needed help I was never left alone. Quality of life here is very high, and Finnish culture is rich with traditions to learn from. Though the winter here might be a challenge, you have everything one might need to deal with it in the most comfortable way.

Decision of whether to continue studies to MSc is very important. People tend to think that they will learn more on their job rather then sitting on lectures, but in fact studies significantly enrich your perception of the technology. TUT gives you an opportunity to dive into theory as well as to try everything with your own hands. It is a right place to invest your time into your future career.

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